1. Can I get a discount ?

Ans : We do weekly giveaways, and discounts on selected designs. There is always at least one product at discount at any given time on store.

Every new design that gets published ( we publish new designs every week ) is put on discount for 6 days. After 6 days, prices return to original.

We also do discount & sale on special occassions like maha-shivratri & birthdays of successful entrepreneurs. Selected discounts are also given to influencers with whom we collaborate.

2. Can I get a FREE T-Shirt ?

Ans : There are two ways to win free T-Shirts from scribbifyretail.com. a.) We do giveaways very often, you can participate in them to win a free t-shirt. b.) We also offer free merch to influencers who collaborate to promote our products.

Like our facebook/instagram page @scribbifyretail ( facebook ) or @scribbify.retail ( instagram ) to get notified when we do a giveaway.

3. Do you allow Cash on delivery ( C.O.D ) for payments ?

Ans : Yes.